Strategic location for cargo distribution across Myanmar

Mandalay Semeikhon Port situated at the middle of Myanmar. The port provide easy accessibility for cargo delivery to every destination point across Myanmar via Ayerwarddy and Chindwin River.

Below current navigation information for barges from Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP)

From Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) to Approximately Distance (km) Approximately Duration (Day)

Bhamo ( North Bound )

485 2 to 3 days

Yangon ( South Bound )

756 4 to 5 days

Kelewa ( North West Bound)

331 2 to 3 days

Cheaper cargo delivery charges thru inland water transport

Inland water transport provide the cheapest way for cargo transporting in the country. The large quantity of cargoes to transport in a single barge provided convenience to the cargo owners and shipping lines to deliver cargo across Myanmar easily and cost efficiently.

With the support from DWIR and IWT Departments, the inland water transport navigation system will be improving, from year to year. In edition, the overall shipment cost via river will continue to reduce with systematic management and cargo consolidation by Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP).

How cargoes to deliver with inland water transport via Mandalay Semeikhon Port will be cheaper compared to land transport?


Systematic cargo arrangement and consolidation by Mandalay Semeikhon Port and partner shipping agent. The consolidation of cargo in Mandalay Semeikhon Port enable the shipment of cargo to operate effectively without waste of space on the barge and time delay.


Large quantity of cargo to carry with a single barge and potential to enlarge the cargo carrying capacity in the coming future. The large quantity of cargo carrying by river barge enable the cargo delivery cost per ton cheaper compare with land transport.


Shorten the cargo operation hours and reduce lost time with the advance cargo handling facilities available in Mandalay Semeikhon Port. Mandalay Semeikhon Port able to complete a cargo barge operation within a short period of time. Thus, cargo owners will save for the barge charting cost.


Continuous service with long term charter of tug and barge, the fast turnaround of barges via Mandalay Semeikhon Port will enable the barge operators to provide cheaper cargo shipment cost.


Shorten the barge navigation hours by improving of barge engineering and supportive efforts by IWT and DWIR. With shorter navigation distance between Mandalay Semeikhon Port and Yangon, the delivery of cargo will be faster and cost effective. The re-engineering for barges by implement bigger hose power tug boat, the navigation speed for cargo barges on the river will be faster and efficient.

Integrated port services including modern cargo handling equipment, cargo storage and trucking services

Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) strive to be the integrated logistic hub in upper Myanmar by providing one stop service in cargo handling, cargo storage and cargo delivery. We provide complete set of port facilities and one stop services to support our cargo owners and shipping agents in cargo handling and delivery to their premises, without delay.

Mandalay Semeikhon Port towards to be the integrated logistic hub in upper Myanmar

Wider inner land for cargo storage and port supporting activities

There are many cargo owners require huge land space for cargo activities including cargo stuffing and unstuffing, cold storage, value added to local produced goods, warehouse storage, cargo distribution centre and to operate light industries. However many cargo owners are facing with land constraint issue or expensive land price especially in the city area.

Mandalay Semeikhon Port provided wide inner land space with effortable cost for the cargo owners to fulfil their different company’s need. We allocated 260 acres of land space int the port for cargo owner to support for their business activities.

Management Expertise from oversea and local

Mandalay Semeikhon Port is having a unique port management team. Our team is combination of oversea and local talent who have many years of experience in port management, port development and technology engineering.

As training is the key of success, Mandalay Semeikhon Port performed continuous training, and meeting among the staff to achieve the vision of the port. In edition, regular equipment checking and maintenance is also carried out according to planned schedule.

River transport to ease traffic congestion in Yangon city and Yangon to Mandalay land road

River transportation from Yangon to Mandalay Semeikhon Port supporting government’s effort to reduce the traffic congestion in land transport. The water transportation reduce the heavy truck movement on the road which endanger the road passer and car drivers. The shifting from land transport to water transport will reduce the country’s road accidents as well as air pollution generated by land trucks.

Flexible cooperation scheme

Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) welcome cooperation from cargo owners, logistic companies, and shipping agents. We are flexible and appreciate all business and cargo logistic proposal from everyone to discuss towards a win-win cooperation. We believe a long term cooperation can be achieved if everyone participate actively in Mandalay Semeikhon Port projects.

With the support from the government and corporates, we will heading to create the first Integrated Logistic Hub in upper Myanmar together.