The first integrated logistic hub in upper Myanmar

The only container port of central Myanmar

The most heavy lifted crane up to 50 ton

All type of cargo handling (Container, General Cargo, Bulk Cargo)

Welcome Message:

Mingalapar! Thank you for visit to Mandalay Semeikhon Port website. In this website you will able to understand the vision and role of Mandalay Semeikhon Port, our port facilities and services.

Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) established in 2016/2017 in line with the government’s objective to develop inland river port and to improve better logistics and transportation system via inland waterway in the country. We received strong support from Mandalay Regional Government as well as Inland Water Transport and DWIR department.

Mandalay Semeikhon Port playing an important role as the integrated logistics centre in middle and upper Myanmar. SMP will using advance port operation equipment and port operating system for cargo handling.

There are total of 381 acres of land under the port development plan covering several projects including domestic river port, international port, diesel storage tank farm, passenger ferry terminal, resort and recreation area, light industries, warehouses, cold storage, empty container depot, logistic hub and distribution center. Total of 1.5km river line to develop the port jetties and installation of river shore crane.

The first phase of the domestic port has been completed and already in operation. The domestic port is equipped with a 50 ton floating crane, a multi-purpose 50 ton RMG Crane and 10'000 sqm concrete storage yard for cargo storage. The port able to handle different type of cargo including general, containerized and bulk cargo. Our handling capacity is up to 500 to 600 ton for day time operation currently.

With the wider inner land for supporting industries for the port, Mandalay Semeikhon Port is aiming to be the main distribution center and logistic hub by providing one stop service for cargo owners, factory operators and logistic companies. The services including barges chartering, trucking services, cargo handling and storage, container repair and cleaning, warehouse and open yard leasing.

In addition, about 18 kilometres away from Mandalay Semeikhon port is Myotha Industrial Park city where 11,404 acres of land to cater for factories and industrial purposes. The Myanmar Investment committee has approved several investment group to operate factories in the industrial park and more factories will be built in coming year.

We welcome cargo owners and logistic companies to discharge or to load cargo via Mandalay Semeikhon Port. Together we make Mandalay Semeikhon Port a meeting point for people, cargo, logistic and technology.

Thank you.

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The integrated logistic hub and leading port operator in upper Myanmar.

Our company

To develop SMP as the integrated logistic hub and leading port operator in Mandalay Region by providing one stop modern port facilities in cargo handling.

Joint Venture of MMID and International Finance Corporation Board Level: MSMP International Company Limited is a joint venture company by Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development (MMID) and International Finance Corporation (IFC). Operation Level: The management of the port is with the combination of foreign expertise and local professional, with many years of experience in port management and logistic industry.

There are multiple business cooperation and development for Mandalay Semeikhon Port. The current work in progress divided into Central port strategy, Southern port strategy, North East port strategy and North West port strategy which including:

  • Material transportation from Yangon and Kelewa to Myotha Industrial Park and other location in Mandalay region
  • Containerized cargo transportation from Yangon port to Mandalay Semeikhon Port
  • Finished goods transportation from Mandalay Semeikhon Port to Yangon for export
  • Partnership with Mizoram and Manipur companies for border trade cooperation at the North West
  • Partnership with Chinese corporation for border trade cooperation at the North West

MSMP International Company Limited welcome cooperation with International companies in developing Mandalay Semeikhon Port projects. We believe participation of international firms in Mandalay Semeikhon Port project will speed up the development of the port and to bring ‘Win-Win’ benefits for both parties.

Currently Mandalay Semeikhon Port in the midst of discussion with several international corporation who interested to participate for the port projects.

Mandalay Semeikhon Port Organization Chart – Board Level

Mandalay Semeikhon Port Organization Chart – Operation Level (Port Management Team)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Under the management of MMID, a solid corporate social responsibility team has been formed. The team provide various support in helping and assisting the villagers around the port area to improve on their daily living. Some of the works performed by the CSR team included construction of bridge at the Kui Chi village, supporting funds for local temples, assistance provided to villagers during flood, and medical checkup for villagers.

With the MSMP International Co Ltd officially formed in Aug 2017, another CSR team will be form to provide necessary assistance to the villagers nearby Semeikhon Port.


To ensure a work place safety environment, our EHSS Team which combine with experience and qualified consultant to provide training to the port staff to meet requirements of national/local E&S regulations.

There will be a series efforts carried out by the EHSS team including:

  • Sampling site selection guidelines in line with E&S monitoring plan
  • Reception, storage, management, and treatment of waste water on-site, and from docked vessels
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Occupational Health and Safety management and incident minimization, including hazard point identification, data collection/analysis/reporting, and root cause analysis
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Environmental monitoring report preparation

Law & Regulations

All the port users shall abide by the law of Union of Myanmar and the SMP rules and regulations set by the management of Mandalay Semeikhon Port.

Partner Companies

Mandalay Semeikhon Port working will many well-known organizations in transform the port towards an integrated logistic hub. We really appreciate all the partners and together we will heading to the Best.

Out of these partner companies, a much appreciation to International Finance Corporation (IFC), Kyaw Logistic, Phaung Phaung Logistic, Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa (MITT), JAPFA Comfeed Myanmar Pte Ltd, Milcon Thiha Group and SA Marine in providing all kinds of support.