Facilities playing and important role in cargo handling. Mandalay Semeikhon Port engaging advance port facilities with modern technology and designed to handle cargo discharging, loading, offloading and mounting in the port. The team perform regular checking and maintenance for the equipment.

50 ton Cargo Crane

(Royal SMP – The proud of Mandalay)

The 360 degree turning Royal SMP crane specially designed by well-known organization to handle the cargo discharge and loading. The giant crane able to handle containerized cargo, general and bulk cargo up to 50 ton. The crane serve as the most capable crane in Mandalay region.

Royal SMP’ Crane Specification:
  • Main Hook : Handling capacity 50 ton, reachable 30m
  • Vice Hook : Handling capacity 16 ton, reachable 35m

50 ton Multi-purpose RMG Crane Specification:
  • Main Hook : Handling capacity 50 ton
  • Vice Hook : Handling capacity 10 ton

50 ton Multi-purpose RMG Crane

One of the main issue for logistic is cargo do not have space or equipment to handle for storage at current Mandalay city area. This causing all barges to wait for longer time which up to 3 weeks in Mandalay and the barge turnaround time between Yangon and Mandalay not efficient.

To solve the problem, Mandalay Semeikhon Port has installed a 50 ton multi-purpose RMG crane on the cargo storage yard in the port. This given convenient to the cargo owner to store their cargo after discharge from the barge, or to accumulate quantity of cargo at the storage yard for loading on the barge. The discharge and loading process for barges become very efficient and port stay for barges in the port reduce significantly. The barges berth at Mandalay city area from 3 weeks reduce to 3 days after switching the operation to Mandalay Semeikhon Port.

10,000 sqm storage yard

A 10,000 sqm concrete yard provided in Mandalay Semeikhon Port for containerised and general cargo storage. The container yard able to stack up to 1000 TEU of containers. SMP foresee the containerised cargo throughput between Yangon and Mandalay will increase in the future in line with the fast development momentum in the country, supported by government’s effort in promoting foreign investment and productivity growth in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and telecommunication sectors.

The 10,000 sqm concrete yard is free for expansion upon the cargo throughput increase in the coming future.

Bulk Cargo Grapple (BCG)

Mandalay Semeikhon Port also provide a 5m3 bulk cargo grapple (BCG) to handle the increase of bulk commodity transporting between Yangon and Mandalay. The bulk cargo grapple able to grab up to 15 ton of cargo at one time and to complete the discharging operation faster and efficiently.

BCG Specification :
  • Size : 2.50m x 2.45m x 3.85m
  • Bucket Capacity : 5m3
  • Rated Lifting Capacity : 25 ton

Multi-purpose Slope Ramp

The multi-purpose slope ramp of Mandalay Semeikhon Port enable the pontoon to shift the location according to the level of water level. This mean the pontoon crane will able to operate every season in Myanmar throughout the year. This advanced technology serve as the access point for trucks to move onto the pontoon to deliver the cargo for loading or to collect discharged cargo from the barges.

Whole season operation

In Mandalay area, water level in Ayerwarddy River can achieve 12m height difference during high water level season and low water level season. Mandalay Semeikhon Port is using advance system in shifting the pontoon during different type of water level in the year. This technology ensure the smoothly of the port operation without worry of the water level go up or down.

Night time operation

Mandalay Semeikhon Port is the only port in Mandalay which can provide night time operation to the cargo owner. The port area installed with both spot light and special made lightings to provide sufficient vision to truck driver and port workers. The night time operation speed up the discharging and loading operation of the cargo which supporting the port to be the Best River Port in upper Myanmar.

Port Link Road

The Port Link Road (PLR) connecting Mandalay Semeikhon Port to Myotha Industrial Park currently. The total length of the port link road only 17.8km which giving convenience to cargo owners to transport their cargoes from Mandalay Semeikhon Port to Myotha Industrial Park city and Mandalay city.

The only Containers Handling Port in middle and upper Myanmar

Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) is the only port in Mandalay installed with the equipment to handle containerised cargo. Both 20’ and 40’ container spreaders are available in the port.

Industrial and warehouse land for cargo owner

Mandalay Semeikhon Port providing a wider inner land for cargo owner to have storage for their cargo, or to have value added activity for their material imported. The 260 acres inner land of the port reserved in the port master plan for cargo owner to achieve their cargo objective in line with Mandalay Semeikhon Port’s vision to develop as integrated logistic hub in upper Myanmar.

Port warehouses and open storage yard for cargo storage

Mandalay Semeikhon Port in the midst of designing the type of warehouse in the port to store rain protection cargo. The port area also allocated open space for cargo storage.

Proposed warehouse in Mandalay Semeikhon Port and completed concrete open yard

Ship berthing Facility

Mandalay Semeikhon Port provide a good berthing facilities for all river barge. To ensure the most efficient method of berth, the barge will be guided by the mooring team on deck and tie securely on the mooring points available on the pontoon.

Heavy vehicle pulling winch

To ensure the discharging process more efficient, a multi-purpose heavy vehicle pulling winch installed next to the ramp. The winch will provide assistance to heavy vehicle moving up the ramp when required.